About us

We are an “Open Air” Photo booth (aka photobooth).
Forget the conventional enclosed, cramped, legs sticking out, holding on for dear life type of photo booth. With an open air photo booth, we can make your beach wedding your backdrop, use a green screen or we can even work with you to create your custom backdrop.

More space means more people! More people means more memories!

Photo booths are fun at all events but what makes Snapshot Moment’s open air booth even better? The fun is shared with everyone else! It’s not enclosed or hidden behind drapes but out in the open which makes it much more inviting to everyone. 4×6 or photo strips, color, B&W…..anything and everything is customized and designed to make your event one to remember.

These are photos that lasts forever, they get framed, they go on the fridge, they are memories and moments that are cherished …. all in a few snapshot moments.