5 Reasons Why A Photo Booth is a Must For a Corporate Event

corporate-photobooth-rental-boston-maWhen it comes to your next corporate event, you can be happy to know that you have options. The latest trend these days is to book a photo booth for a corporate event. They are easy to set up and don’t take up that much space. Plus, the props and endless accessories you can throw on allow every photo frame to be a different experience. Take photos with your friends, coworkers, significant other, boss and more! Everyone will crowd in for a photo.

Snapshot Moments specializes in creating these types of memories. If you’re going to a great party, you may as well have something cool to remember it by! If that doesn’t convince you still, here are five great reasons why a photo booth absolutely is a must-have for a corporate event. They really do add a lot of fun!

1. It’s Pretty Entertaining
You might not think it, but having a photo booth for an event is actually tons of fun. Guests naturally gather to this photo booth, flocking to it to take pictures with their friends that they can take home as souvenirs. Photo booths are natural entertainment, but it’s all organic because guests entertain themselves! The photo is snapped, and everyone gets to have fun interacting and posing for the next shot. Say cheese!

2. You Get a Souvenir
Who doesn’t love getting a souvenir to take home? Whether it’s delicious food or a cool photo, having a little something left over after the night is done is nice! You’ll get funny photos and get to hang them on your fridge or post a snap to Instagram. It’s also extremely easy to tuck into a wallet or purse to take home– that’s convenience for the win!

3. It’s Spontaneous
Photo booths pretty much invite people to embrace their spontaneous side. People end up going for it and having a great time– even Dolores in accounting can get in on the fun! It makes for a fun atmosphere because everyone’s teaming up and taking silly photos. It’s the ultimate way to let your hair down– and maybe throw a pirate hat on in the process!

4. It Beats Karaoke!
Karaoke is fun, but it’s also true that it’s more fun to listen to strangers do renditions in a bar than to see your co-workers attempt music’s greatest hits. For every Sherry nailing Stevie Nicks, there’s likely a Harold struggling through Pat Benatar. If you’re going to cringe, it’s going to be during karaoke. A photo booth spares you the chance of crashing and burning through “Live and Let Die”– or some other poor sap in accounting who gave in to prodding. Photo booths do not require musical prowess!

5. They’re Low Maintenance
Photo booths are pretty low maintenance. Snapshot Moments will give you an easy entertainment option that is pretty much as low maintenance as it gets! Great for promoting an easy going, relaxed atmosphere are a party. There’s no refilling of beverages or that much electricity even required. Just a few outlets and you’re good to go– we’ll take care of the rest! Consider us for your next corporate event and have some fun!